Just very blessed! by; Client Mark M.

I was facing a 3rd DUI charge, 180 days in jail (at least) and severe fines...after Mr Silva did his due diligence, continuous homework on the entire charges, and realized what was at hand, he made magic happen. Let me back up though, from the beginning he really wanted to know about me, what I did for a living and what the goal was for me. He asked about every aspect of my family and how we could make this better for my entire situation. The desire to truly know what was going on with me and my family made it personal and made me realize he truly wanted the best for me...not because of what I did but because he saw a greater good for what I was doing with my life.
Mr. Silva always showed on my behalf and kept me informed with everything that was going on, and made things clear...he also kept me at ease without every having to worry about a thing! I always felt he was very genuine and did exactly what he said he was...and he had my 3rd DUI charge reduced to my 1st, fines reduced and my jail time reduced by over 100 days! Ultimately, I couldn't be more happier with the outcome of my case and the overall experience with Patrick Silva. I would highly recommend Mr. Silva to anyone needing assistance with a DUI case..

The dui prosecution has all the resources and manpower on their side and in the beginning they have the bargaining power. With us on your side we can shift the bargaining power back to the defense. The shift in the bargaining power begins with 3 simple words, "ready for trial."  Not every lawyer is created equal. As dui lawyers we have the skills to take any case to trial.  It is these past dui trials which has created our reputation as a the leading dui trial lawyer in Riverside County.

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We offer effective and aggressive dui representation. Our reputation in the Riverside Court system and history of successful litigation speaks for itself. Mr. Silva has been a leading dui lawyer in Riverside for over 14 years. His hard work and aggressive representation as a Riverside dui lawyer has made Mr. Silva one of the most powerful dui lawyers in Riverside County. Although I cannot guarantee an outcome to your case, I can guarantee that I am an expert in the field of dui defense and I will work hard for you.